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October 2020

The Lion Slayer (African Warrior Vs Lion)

Hercules against the invincible Lion of Nemea, Samson facing a lion with his bare hands or David boasting of having killed a lion before his fight against the giant Goliath ... There are many stories and legends about these heroes who have dared to fight and defeat Lions, these dangerous predators who symbolize domination ...

Human vs lion fights have always fascinated me. So I imagined this scene. In the heart of Africa, this young warrior, who wanted so much to prove himself as a man and to impress his entire tribe, sets out on a merciless quest to kill a man-eating lion.


  • Concept / Art Direction / Edit:
    David-Josué Oyoua
  • Assistant:
    Felix Ekanza
  • Photo:
    Emmanuel Noel Naki (Mashal Shooting)
  • Models:
    Kafoumba Bamba
  • Stylist and Dress:
    Ange-Dady Akré-Loba
  • Make-Up Artist:
    Victoire Djéhé
  • Illustration:
    Abraham Boli

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